Week 7- 9/29/20

Creative Worldbuilding …

I’ve ripped a prompt from https://www.writtenwordmedia.com/500-writing-prompts-to-help-beat-writers-doubt/ about fantasy writing:

Spend some time working on world building. How can you create a believable fantasy world that readers can picture clearly? What types of characters does your world include?

It’s my (limited) time to shine and write as quick as I can before I leave for work..

Before the Vast War, Arkhavus was a whole land connected together by vast bridges and ridges held together by the wills of Gods and Goddesses. It was by the endless bloodshed and chaos that sundered these bonds, the split between deity and man that crumbled the lands apart. The continent-once whole- was shattered into five lands walled off by treacherous seas that made the journey to sail to another continent a death wish granted by gods. It was war that shaped this new world, and the mortals of the realm had to pay by punishments inflicted upon themselves. The race of humans were to blame for the war, as other ancient races stood by in disdain and disgust as their world crumbled in the wake of trivial human conflicts.

After the world split, the mortals of Arkhavus began to rebuild and reconnect among the ruin. The elves and dwarves reluctantly returned, keeping a watchful eye upon the other and avoiding with the relations of humanity.

I will try to continue in another entry.

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